domingo, 29 de octubre de 2006

A NiGhT LiKe ThiS...

Yeah, buddies! I do speak english too. I decided to write a few lines while waiting for the classified ads to appear in the web. Nice work for a saturday night like this. But why in english? Let's see, some employee ads ask for a secretary or assistant with a good level of spoken and written english. I say I have an upper-intermediate level, but they says "but that's not bilingual". Yes I know, the ad says "good-level" not "bilingual", I think there are a difference... In fact, there was a long ago since the last time I practice this knowledge. That's because I wanna start some intensive english lessons as soon as possible.

Its a rainy nigh in the city. Good just to watch TV in the sofa with some pop-corn. Wow, I really love pop-corn with salt. Makes me feel so romantic...

Let's see... I don't know why this site is so slow to download, I wonder if there are too many people like me trying to do the same thing at the same time. Good question. But I'm sleepy and there is not more coffe left. While waiting, I'm reading the INFOBAE online paper, look what the Google Earth users found in Canada:

Very strange, ah? Looks like a Photoshop joke, but its a strange geological formation called "the IPod Native" because the "headset cable" on the ear. Take a look the entire notice here.

Well, the ads are here at least! I have to send a lot of e-mails, so I'm leaving right now. Be happy and don't forget over me and this blog.

.-·*'°§ PörTeñ4 §°'*·-.

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