viernes, 16 de marzo de 2007

For you

I normally do not write in english because this blog was planned to be in spanish, with a touch of "lunfardo", the languages we speak here in Buenos Aires, and this blog was created just to show how this city is, with the typical people, typical everyday situations and typical places. But this is a special post. Not for the conquest of english speakers readers. Its just for someone special who has been visiting my city three months ago.

I started this post at work, after the lunch break, and it was a quite peaceful day. Suddenly came to me the memories of this special person, the things we spoke and the things we couldn't. I just wonder how it feels to travel abroad, alone and far away from home, but knowing that there are someone waiting for you with a tender "nice to see you again". And then I wonder if he may read all the e-mails I sent, if he will notice about this blog and if he will be interested in visiting and read it. That is the reason of this post.

But it doestn't matter, I know that people come and go from our lives, but good friends always stay in our minds, wherever they go or they are.

Now I'm going to continue my work, have a good time and keep me on mind!

-·*'°§ PörTeña §°'*·-.

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