miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2007

A word in english

Well, looking at my new visitor location map, I realised that I have many readers from non-spanish spoken countries, so I thought it may be a good idea to post in english some times. Ok, I am here.

So you looked at this blog and just may wonder what is this about, why did I choose a name that seems a bit longer for a blog name. This happened so long ago, when I was 16, I use to dream (and believe, too) that I could become a music artist, so I started to work hard training my voice, practice with the guitar, in that age I was deeply in love with rock´n roll with touches of electronic sounds. An important part of being a music artist, I thought, is to write good songs. So I started to write, lots of songs. But there's one of all them that I remember, don't know why, but I wrote it just after a nigh in the city of Buenos Aires. Living in the suburbs was nice and quiet, but sometimes too quiet. I was always in love with the city lights, the typical noises and people everywhere. That was a way to say to the word "People, this is my place in this world, I love this city". Thought the years I lost many of the original handwritten lyrics, but in spite of this, I keep some pieces of the lyrics deep in my memories. The lyric was something like this:
“Is there anybody going to listen to my song?
Tonight its a beauty night but I'm sitting here alone
waiting for my prince to come
hopping to be the one to love
I'm singing from someplace else in BA city.”
So well, I didn't become a music artist, but I'm almost a graphic artist, writer, developer, mother, and all the things that make my life that intense.

Thanks for reading, hope you had a good day today and come around again.

-·*’°§ PörTeña §°’*·-.

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