viernes, 29 de febrero de 2008

Bye gym, hello bicycle

Yes, today was my last day at the Sport Club gym. I have to leave out my suscription because I start college again this year. Wish I could have time enough to do both things, but there are also my job and my family. I felt nearly sad when I said goodbye to the instructors and the dressing women, they were nice to me. I don't have any complaint at all.

But to preserve my muscles from become a jelly, I'm planning to get job by bicycle. I thing is a good exercise, that if I survive to the possibility to have an accident with cars or buses. Daily traffic is terrorific. But I did it many times before, and here I am.

I wonder why Buenos Aires is not bicycle friendly. There are few cycle-paths and most of times they are invaded with parked cars and trucks. Hope people realise that this is a good way to move into short distances in the city, helps to keep healthy and fit, is cheaper, and non-contaminant.

I'd better go bed now, be happy and let's ride the bicycle race!

-·*’°§ PörTeña §°’*·-.

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