martes, 30 de septiembre de 2008

Freelance meal (III)

This is my freelance meal for today: a light salad with tomatoes, lettuce, egg, no mayonnaise, no oil, just salt, a glass of fresh low-calories soda, and a big red apple. Oh yeah, springtime is here, and it's time for diet if we want to get fit before summer.

And tomorrow, no more freelance meals, because I'll start in a new job in an office. Yes, I'm happy because it's an important change and it's an interesting job, doing what I love to do: designing & programming. Promise to tell how do I pass my first day.

Be happy and think twice before you eat that big and tasty donut.

,-·*’°§ PörTeña §°’*·-,

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Thais Iglesias dijo...

Buenas Tardes,

Estoy entrando en contacto nuevamente para hablar de la propuesta que envié en 24/09/08 sobre el Programa de Afiliados HOTWords.

Continuamos interesados en el sitio Desde Algun Lugar de Buenos Aires.

Espero una respuesta positiva para pasar mayores informaciones.


Thais Iglesias
Phone: 55 11 3178 2510