lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008

Video de la semana: Sad Songs (say so much) | V.53

Today's video is one of the Elthon John's songs from the 80's I remember with loving because it used to be my favourite:

And is dedicated to someone is so special to me, because of the funny mood he use to had, perhaps he's the happiest man in this world, I don't know. But if not, I truly whish him to be. To look into his sweet eyes is like looking a wide spring blue sky through a window pane. Ladies, I hardly can resist to give him a big hug and a kiss. Yeah. Beautiful words for a man I saw only twice in my life, who will never know this blog exist and read this post, and if someday he does, sure he'll never understand these words unless he use the traductor. But my feelings for him, will he realise? Hummm.... hope he won't be late! hahaha

Ok girl, stop being that romantic, I have lots of things to do. So, let's begin right now.

Be happy and have a nice week.

,-·*’°§ PörTeña §°’*·-,

1-10-2008 ::
The original YouTube video were removed I don't know why, so I've embeded one from Yahoo Music.

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