viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008


Oh yeah, my friends. This is how I feel today. A really ugly bad day today. No subway services at morning because of a strike, so the buses were full of people, and the streets were full of cars and taxis. In consequence, I got late at work. But in the afternoon, on the way to the end of year school presentation, a crowd of people in a protest blocked the streets, so we not only get late, we had to get off the taxi and walk through the crowd marching to the government palace. I was scared, because some men shouted me with anger when I pass through with my family to the other side of the avenue. What a woman with her old parents and a child can do in a situation like this? Well, shout back those men with anger too, and walk quickly. We finally arraived to the theatre, and we noticed that many people were late because the same reason.

But school clases are yet over until march, its friday, its christmas time and the happy new year is coming.

I'd better going to bed, be happy and think twice before passing through a protesting crowd.

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qaesar dijo...

Pues mejor no digo nada...


Porteña dijo...

Jajaja, ya está, fue sólo una catársis, hoy estoy amorosa y alegre como de costumbre.

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Punto Baires dijo...

Muy bien porteña, date una vuelta por mi blog, que te tengo un regalo

Porteña dijo...

Oia... Punto Baires me hizo una nota! Jajaja, tiembla Madonnaaaa!!!
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