lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008

Video de la Semana: Its all too much | V.61

"Nice to have the time to take this opportunity.
Time for me to look at you and you to look at me."
George Harrison, "Its All Too Much",
from the "Yellow Submarine" soundtrack version
People, you know I really love this film. I love the history, the colours into caleidoscope, the characters, the songs. But most of all, I love this kind of happy endings:

Yet we have so close the end of this year 2008, a year with a lot of changes in my life, many successes, some failures and many lessons learned. Now more than ever, I have the belief that power to make dreams come true comes from within ourselves.

Now I have to leave, truly wish you all be happy and let's celebrate all together the New Year!

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